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Explore our extensive range of products. We provide easy online ordering through our web store, or call our office for additional information.

Mold more parts, quickly clean and protect molds and eliminate defects, specks and streaks with smart, productive formulations for plastics processing and mold making.

Slide Products

Continually improving products include systems for manifolds, mold alignment and ejector tie-ins, limit switches, hot water and hot oil manifolds.

Smartflow Products

Using patent technology, IPS Moldshields prevent parts from falling outside the molding area. IPS also offers Mold Chutes, Skirts, Tie-Bar covers and Drum / Gaylord Covers.

IPS Products
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Additional Partners

AOK Supplies additional partners provide:

  • Hot Runner Controllers
  • Tubing, Bends, Couplers
  • 13X Desiccant
  • Silo / Bin Level Measurement
  • Chillers, TCUs, Conveying Equipment
  • Metal Separation
  • Hot Oil Fluid
  • Air Knives
  • Gaylord Tilters, Surge Bins, Silos
  • Molding Machines, Robots, & more!
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