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E/S Silicone Mold Release (No. 443)

E/S Silicone Mold Release (No. 443)
  • Approved for indirect food contact (Meets 21CFR 175.300 for release agents)
  • Water-based formulation
  • No chlorinated solvents
  • Use on molds 212°F/100°C and above
  • Maximum operating temp: 600°F/315°C

The E/S Silicone Mold Release is a breakthrough in lubrication formulas. E/S contains silicone oil and is approved for indirect food contact. Effective in many applications – especially on molds 212°F and above – it is an excellent “wet” silicone lubricant for numerous uses. It’s a great mold release for environmentally conscious companies.

Purchase Options

Purchase Options

E/S Silicone Mold Release, Aerosol, Case of 12

Continually improving products include systems for manifolds, mold alignment and ejector tie-ins, limit switches, hot water and hot oil manifolds.

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