Purging Compounds

KLENZ Purging Compound (No. 468)

KLENZ Purging Compound (No. 468)
  • Excellent for use through hot runner systems
  • Safe to purge through the mold
  • GRAS rated (food-grade) active ingredients safe for food packaging applications
  • Helps eliminate color streaking and black specks
  • Chemically reactive compound
  • Polyolefin resin carrier
  • Operating temperatures of 330° - 610°F/165°C - 321°C
  • For use with injection molding, extrusion and blow molding

KLENZ is a revolutionary purging compound requiring no mixing or preparation time. With operating temperatures of 330° - 610°F, KLENZ thoroughly cleans hot runners and the barrel, helping to eliminate color streaking and black specks. Formulated with a polyolefin resin carrier, this purging compound is safe to purge right through the mold, saving time, material and money.

All ingredients are GRAS rated so it is safe to use for food packaging applications. KLENZ is ideal for use with injection molding, extrusion, and blow molding.

Purchase Options

Purchase Options

KLENZ Purging Compound, 45 Pound Box
KLENZ Purging Compound, 1000 Pound Gaylord

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