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Injection Mold Cleaner Wipes (No. 463)

Injection Mold Cleaner Wipes (No. 463)
  • Pre-saturated cleaning towels
  • Quickly removes mold release, grease or oil from mold surfaces
  • Use for prepping molds for production or storage
  • No chlorinated solvents
  • Mold cleaning option for clean room environments

Slide’s Mold Cleaner Wipes are pre-saturated cleaning towels that quickly remove mold release, grease or oil from mold surfaces. These wipes are the perfect solution for use in clean room environments where aerosol mold cleaners are not permitted. Mold Cleaner Wipes are ideal as a touch-up cleaner during molding processes, surface prep prior to secondary operations, preparing molds for either production or storage, general maintenance and all-purpose cleaning.*

As an alternative, the bulk liquid product allows for use of shop rags, sponges or towels to be saturated in the formula before application.

*Pre-test on a small area for non-metal surfaces.

Purchase Options

Purchase Options

Mold Cleaner Wipes, Canister of 70 Wipes, Box of 6 Canisters
Mold Cleaner Wipes Single-Wipe Packets, Box of 50
Mold Cleaner Wipes Solvent, 1 Gallon
Mold Cleaner Wipes Solvent, 5 Gallons
Mold Cleaner Wipes Solvent, 55 Gallons

Continually improving products include systems for manifolds, mold alignment and ejector tie-ins, limit switches, hot water and hot oil manifolds.

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