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“No-Rust” Rust Preventive (No. 402)

“No-Rust” Rust Preventive (No. 402)
  • 5 year protection (under normal indoor storage conditions)
  • Displaces moisture while sealing mold from outside condensation
  • Non-silicone, non-wax formulation
  • No chlorinated solvents
  • Neutralizes fingerprint acids

No-Rust® Rust Preventive is a one-step formulation that contains both acid neutralizer and rust preventive. It provides protection by displacing moisture from metal surfaces and adhering tightly to them. Ideal for mold and die protection, it works on stamping dies, stripper plates, jigs and fixtures, die casting dies, precision instruments, machine tools and machined or ground steel of all kinds. It neutralizes fingerprint acids and is a non-silicone, non-wax product. No-Rust® should be removed from the mold with a mold cleaner before starting production.

Purchase Options

Purchase Options

“No-Rust” Rust Preventive, Aerosol, Case of 12
“No-Rust” Rust Preventive, 1 Gallon
“No-Rust” Rust Preventive, 5 Gallons
“No-Rust” Rust Preventive, 55 Gallons

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