Purging Compounds

PDQ Liquid Purging Compound (No. 434)

PDQ Liquid Purging Compound (No. 434)
  • Concentrated liquid purging compound
  • Water-based additive (use with barrel temperature above 212’F/100ºC)
  • Can be mixed with any carrier resin
  • Aids with resin-to-resin and color-to-color purges
  • Choose self-measuring bottle or pre-measured packets
  • Works with a carrier resin to remove unwanted contamination from the barrel assembly

PDQ is Slide’s liquid concentrate purging compound that works with each type of carrier resin to remove all thermoplastics, and is effective for resin-to-resin and color-to-color changes. It requires no soaking, maximizing production up-time and eliminates the need to keep inventory of cracked acrylic purging resin. Its unique self-measuring bottle measures out just the right amount of concentrate, eliminating waste. Or, choose the pre-measured individual packets of PDQ that you drop directly into to the hopper with the carrier resin. The plastic bag containing the PDQ degrades within the process. This product is ideal for use with injection molding, extrusion, and blow molding.

Purchase Options

Purchase Options

PDQ Liquid Purging Compound, 1 Quart Bottle (Case of 6 Bottles)
Portable PDQ Purging Compound, (Box of 50 Packets)

Continually improving products include systems for manifolds, mold alignment and ejector tie-ins, limit switches, hot water and hot oil manifolds.

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