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Universal Mold Release (No. 426)

Universal Mold Release (No. 426)
  • Non-silicone, paintable mold release
  • Food-grade active ingredient (21CFR 172.878 and 178.3620 (a))
  • Recognized by UL
  • Solvent-free dry formulation
  • Contains no lecithin
  • Safe to use on most thermoplastics
  • Use where parts must be painted, hot-stamped or metalized
  • Maximum operating temp: 600°F/315°C

Universal® Mold Release is just that, a broad universal release that is safe to use on most thermoplastics, and even more sensitive plastics. Its formulation is non-silicone and has a paintable release oil. Approved for use in food and medical molding applications, Universal® will not interfere with part bonding, heat sealing, laminating, ultrasonic welding or post-decorating. Use where parts must be painted, hot stamped or metalized.

Purchase Options

Purchase Options

Universal Mold Release, Aerosol, Case of 12
Universal Mold Release, 1 Gallon
Universal Mold Release, 5 Gallons
Universal Mold Release, 55 Gallons

Continually improving products include systems for manifolds, mold alignment and ejector tie-ins, limit switches, hot water and hot oil manifolds.

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