Rust Preventives

White Rhino Rust Preventive (No. 467)

White Rhino Rust Preventive (No. 467)
  • Ideal for mold assemblies used to produce food packaging
  • NSF category H1
  • 2-year protection (under normal indoor storage conditions)
  • No chlorinated solvents
  • Neutralizes fingerprint acids
  • Bulk versions of this product should be thoroughly stirred prior to use

White Rhino Rust Preventive is Slide’s answer to processors looking for a great, NSF-certified rust preventive for their mold assemblies and machinery that produce food packaging. Its fast-drying formulation sets up quickly to protect immediately against moisture and light acids. It is self-cleaning in startup which saves time and money. White Rhino offers two years protection* from oxidation.

*Protects up to two years under normal indoor storage conditions.

Purchase Options

Purchase Options

White Rhino Rust Preventive, Aerosol, Case of 12
White Rhino Rust Preventive, 1 Gallon
White Rhino Rust Preventive, 5 Gallons
White Rhino Rust Preventive, 55 Gallons

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